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Alpha Testing

We are rolling out an initial version of Underlay dubbed build-target-1. This build target focuses on providing enough structure to have a discussion around three topics:

  1. The definition and use of shared schemas
  2. The workflow and interfaces for adding data
  3. The interfaces for using data stored in different collections How do you want to use data?

1. Shared schemas

Some questions we're interested in understanding:

  • Are there common schemas you already use in practice?
  • Are there specific things that you wish were consistentl represented in a common way across groups?

2. Data workflows

  • What tools do you use for data work at the moment?
  • Who is involved in your existing data workflows?
  • Do you want outside contributors to your datasets?
  • If so, what interfaces do you think would be easiest for those contributors to use? Web forms? APIs? Direct UX editing?

3. Data usage

  • Who is using the data you produce?
  • Do you know how people will use your data before you publish it?
  • What format does your data normally get used in?